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Roda ulven surstromming – a leading brand

Roda ulven surstromming – a leading brand. Roda Ulven – The Red Wolff – was the brand that mad sustromming in cans famous. Now all surstromming is sold in cans and there have been fight in court with brand names close to Roda Ulven.

Roda ulven surstromming is fermented baltic heering at is best.

Bob Broke tells: Sales of surstromming are on the increase in Sweden, but its future as an export item is, predictably, dim. Although 800 cans of it used to be exported annually to Hollywood when a Swedish movie colony could still be found there, U.S. customs officials have since come to view it with suspicion, despite its proven nontoxicity. Moreover, the product doesn’t always travel well. Only recently a Swede found this out. Thinking to amaze an important New York client and the assembled board of directors with so bizarre a food, he produced the swollen can he had carried all the way from Sweden in his luggage and dramatically laid it on the table. At that moment, the can exploded.

Roda Ulven surstromming - The Red Wolff sustromming - fermented baltic heering

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