Enjoy Strong Surstromming from Sweden

Strong Surstromming from Sweden

If you love eating fermented fish that emits a strong aroma then you are sure to fall in love with strong surstromming from Sweden. This fermented Baltic herring is not only loved in Sweden, but also exported to several countries including Japan where people have now begun to enjoy eating this potent fish.

Baltic herring are known as stromming in Sweden and are caught in the month of April from Baltic waters. These fishes are then left to ferment through a process known as autolysis that results in the formation of strong-smelling acids such as Butyric acid, Acetic acid, Propionic acid and Hydrogen Sulphide.

The fermentation process usually begins in August when the herring are placed in a strong brine solution followed by a weaker solution. Barrels containing these fishes are then kept in a controlled temperature that is maintained between 15 and 20 degrees Celsius.

The fermented fishes are canned in the month of July and the canning process normally continues for around 5 weeks after which the cans are distributed to wholesale merchants. The fermentation process usually continues within the can and hence causes the cans to bulge out due to increased pressure.

These cans of surstromming are easily found all over Sweden in several supermarkets. However, several countries around the globe including Japan have shown a lot of interest in this fermented fish and select online stores have begun offering these fishes to interested buyers all around the globe.

Surstromming fish is usually opened outdoors due to its pungent smell and is enjoyed with a form of thin bread that is crispy or soft depending on one’s tastes. These fishes are enjoyed in different forms and with different condiments in Northern and Southern Sweden. You too can enjoy this strong fish with a choice of matching ingredients that can be tried with each can that you open.

In addition to creating various forms of surstromming sandwiches, you can also enjoy these fishes with your favorite beer, schnapps, or even with malt, milk, or water. The surstromming fish possesses a pungent aroma and distinct acidity that is either loved or hated with passion after the very first bite.

Since the can has varying pressures within it depending on the period after the fish is canned, it is a good idea to open the can inside a basin of water. Surstromming is normally enjoyed on special occasions in Sweden, but the world too is slowly acquiring a taste for this pungent fish. Canning ensures that this fish can be stored for a long time and enjoyed during a special party with family and friends. If you and your loved ones have acquired a palate for strong and fermented fish then you should certainly try out this Swedish export that can be purchased through select online stores.

Surstromming is certainly an acquired taste and fish-lovers around the world now have a chance to sample this pungent fish in the company of thin bread, beer, and various natural ingredients such as diced onions, mashed or sliced potatoes, and chives. If you want your taste buds to experience truly strong flavor and aroma then you can easily order for Surstromming herring from Sweden and enjoy this delicacy at home.