Allow your Taste Buds to Experience Intense Flavors with Surstromming

Experience Intense Flavors with Surstromming

If you are a die-hard fish lover that can enjoy mild as well as intense fishes then you must allow your taste buds to experience intense flavors with Surstromming. This word literally means sour herring that is caught in the Baltic Sea and fermented before being offered to you in the form of a pungent and strong-tasting fish.

Surstromming is a Swedish delicacy that has been enjoyed by the people of Sweden since centuries. However, this fermented fish is extremely potent in terms of aroma and taste, and hence only hardened fish lovers can usually enjoy it. Modern canning technology has allowed this fermented fish to stay on shop shelves for a long time and you too can now enjoy this intense fish by ordering cans from select online stores.

This sour herring is fished out of the Baltic Sea during the spring months of April and May. The heads of the fishes are removed and they are immersed in strong brine solution within wooden barrels to kick-start the fermentation process. Constant temperature is maintained at between 15 to 20 degrees Celsius and the fishes are shifted to milder brine solution in the course of the fermentation process that lasts up to the end of June.

The canning process takes place in July and since the fermentation process continues even after canning, you may observe that the ordered cans are slightly swollen from the top and bottom. This swelling is caused by acids and gases that form during the fermentation process and provide that intense aroma and taste to the fermented fish.

Surstromming was consigned to supermarket shelves in Sweden during the past. However, increased interest from several countries including Japan, have encouraged select online stores to offer this potent delicacy to everyone on the globe. You can thus order for your own cans of this fermented fish from Sweden with a few clicks of your mouse button from a trusted website. You will receive this fermented fish within a few days of placing an online order.

Since Surstromming is an intense fish, you can enjoy this fish in the way adopted by traditional Swedes. You can create a Surstromming sandwich by using thin crispy or soft bread along with diced onions, sliced boiled potatoes, and even chives. This combination will certainly take out some of the sting of this pungent fish and provide a balanced taste to your palate. You can also drink chilled beer or cold milk to further enjoy this Swedish delicacy.

However, this pungent fish usually evokes extreme reaction upon opening the swollen can. You should thus open the can outdoors as well as use a water basin to dissipate the strong gases from the can. This fish is certainly not for the weak at heart or stomach.

So, if you want to taste really intense fish flavors from fermented herring canned in Sweden then you can easily do so from the comfort of your home. You only need to visit select Swedish websites that offer Surstromming and receive the cans at your front doorstep.