Experience that Ultimate Gastronomic Adventure with Surstromming from Sweden

Ultimate Gastronomic Adventure with Surstromming

There is a saying that fortune favors the brave and if you are a true fish enthusiast then you can certainly try to experience that ultimate gastronomic adventure with Surstromming from Sweden. This fermented fish is only for fish lovers that have a palate for strong aroma and intense flavor.

Surstromming originated from Sweden in the form of fermented sour herring that were caught from the Baltic Sea, fermented in wooden barrels, and then consumed with a variety of condiments. This pungent fish slowly turned into a delicacy for select Swedish people, both in the northern and southern regions, and was shared with other like-minded Swedes during special occasions.

The modern version of Surstromming is available in cans that actually bulge from the top and bottom as the fermentation process continues even after canning. The herring are caught in spring and left to ferment in brine solution during the months of May and June. After canning them in July, the fermented fish are dispatched to supermarkets all over Sweden.

However, this strong fish that is guaranteed to deliver a unique gastronomical experience has also caught the eyes of fish lovers around the globe. People from Japan especially are willing to try out this Swedish delicacy and select online stores now cater to this demand. If you too wish to try out these strong fishes and share cans of fermented herring with friends and family then you merely need to place online orders while sitting in your home or office.

However, there is a method to enjoying Surstromming imported from Sweden. You must make sure that you open the can in an outdoor environment since the initial intense aroma can overwhelm fish lovers with a weak palate. In addition, opening the can in a basin of water will allow the gases to escape as well as lower the strong aroma to a great extent.

You also need to ensure that you enjoy this sour fermented herring with various condiments such as boiled and sliced potatoes, diced onions, and chives, among others that you try out over time. In addition, you can also wash down this fish along with a bottle of chilled beer or milk. The Swedes usually enjoy this fish in the form of Surstromming sandwich made up of thin bread along with the above ingredients and you too can do the same. These ingredients will balance out the acidic taste of the fish even as your palate experiences one of the most unique flavors on earth.

An online store that has established its name by selling several natural products that are made in Sweden should be your first choice. You can be sure that you will receive genuine Surstromming from Sweden that has been fermented for the selected period of time to deliver the best possible flavor.

All you need to do after ordering for Surstromming from a reputable online store is to call your close friends and family and allow them to experience this pungent-tasting fish from Sweden. Your palate will be able to enjoy a totally new experience and you will be able to regularly order Surstromming once you fall in love with this intense fermented fish from Sweden.