Get an Intense Experience with Fermented Surstromming Fish

Intense Experience with Fermented Surstromming Fish

When you get tired of eating bland-tasting fish and wish to experience a bomb of flavors in your mouth with Sweden’s most pungent fish then you need to try feasting on Surstromming. This sour herring from Sweden is creating waves all around the world thanks to a few online stores that sell Surstromming.

Surstromming are fermented sour herring that are caught in the Baltic Sea around Sweden, fermented, and then canned before being dispatched to stores and supermarkets all around Sweden. This fermented fish has been enjoyed by the Swedes since hundreds of years and the canning process now allows you to get an intense experience by trying Surstromming.

The herring are fished in the spring months of April and May, and then left to ferment in wooden barrels filled with brine solution until the month of July. The canning process takes place in July and this process does not stop the fermentation process, which continues inside the can too. The result is slightly bulged cans due to the presence of gases and acids caused by continuing fermentation.

Surstromming is enjoyed by the Swedes on special occasions. These sour herring are indeed quite intense in taste and emit a pungent aroma upon opening the can. The Swedes have managed to balance out the flavor of this strong fermented fish by eating the fish with thin bread that can be crispy or soft.

In addition, they also add diced onions, sliced potatoes that have been boiled, and chives to create a Surstromming sandwich. They also love eating this fish with cold milk or chilled beer or just with cold water. You too can follow this time-tested method of enjoying this intense fish or can create your own Surstromming dishes. You can do so by adding your own special ingredients to lessen the acidic levels of this pungent fish.

You can now order for Surstromming from an online store that has sold Swedish products since a long time. Your cans of Surstromming will arrive in your country and home within a few days of placing an online order. You will now be ready to experience a strong fermented fish that is sure to evoke extreme reactions upon opening the can.

You must take a few precautions before you begin biting on your Surstromming sandwich at home. You must make sure that you share this sour herring from Sweden with true fish lovers that can handle this intensely pungent fish without getting overwhelmed. Opening the can in an outdoor environment as well as using a water basin to open the can under water will lower the pungency of this fish to a noticeable level.

Your loved ones will either love or hate this fermented fish since this herring is not for those with a delicate palate. However, if you are game to try out intense flavors just as the Japanese have done with Surstromming then you should certainly go online. A few clicks are all that are needed to order for this Swedish delicacy and enjoy this fermented sour herring in the company of other fish enthusiasts.