Get that Ultimate Experience with Surstromming from Sweden

Ultimate Experience with Surstromming

If you love eating fishes in all forms, however extreme they may be, then you should try to get that ultimate eating experience with Surstromming from Sweden. This sour herring requires a strong palate and a love for pungently tasting fish that has been fermented for several months.

Surstromming or sour herring is a specialty dish that has been produced in Sweden since hundreds of years. However, modern canning methods have extended the shelf life of this fermented fish as well as allow Swedish manufacturers to export this pungent fish to all corners of the globe.

The Japanese people have especially developed a fondness for this intense fish, which is certainly an acquired taste even for the hardiest of fish lovers. The Baltic herring is fished during spring season in Baltic waters and fermented in wooden barrels containing strong brine solution. The solution is replaced with mild brine before the fermented fish is canned in the month of July.

The canned fish is intensely strong thanks to various acids and gases being produced during the fermentation process. In fact, this process continues even when the fishes are canned, which in turn leads to bulging cans that only look as if they are about to explode.

Due to the presence of several acids and gases including Hydrogen Sulphide in a can of Surstromming, it is better to open the can in an outside location as well as cut open the can in a water basin to dissipate those gases under water. You can then wash the herring and enjoy them just like the Swedish people that prefer eating this fish with thin bread.

Furthermore, you can balance out the strong acidity of this fermented fish by adding boiled and sliced potatoes as well as diced onions to your sandwich. Most people also enjoy such sandwiches with beer or cold milk and you too can try different food combinations with your Surstromming to find that perfect balance between pungent and sweet.

Select Swedish online stores have started to offer canned Surstromming to interested customers located all around the world. Such websites have noticed a rise in orders for Surstromming from Japan where people are always ready to try new varieties of fish. You too can order for Surstromming from such websites and get this potent canned fish delivered right to your doorstep.

You then need to call up your close friends and family that may be true fish enthusiasts and are willing to try out a new form of fish that possesses a pungent aroma and really acidic taste. Your palate will certainly get to experience completely unexpected flavor that may or may not be loved by it when you first bite into this sour herring from Sweden.

If you love pungent foods and especially love strong flavors in fish then you should definitely try Surstromming from Sweden. The best part is that you need not actually visit Sweden to buy this Swedish delicacy, but can instead place an online order with just a few clicks of your mouse. You just might get that ultimate experience with Sustromming from Sweden.