Go for Surstromming, A Fermented Fish that will Storm your Culinary Senses

Fermented Fish that will Storm your Culinary Senses

Go for Surstromming, A Fermented Fish that will Storm your Culinary Senses

When you are in an adventurous mood and want your taste buds to experience the explosive power of sour herring then you can go for Surstromming, a fermented fish that will storm your culinary senses. This potent fish is canned in Sweden and requires a devoted fish lover to eat and enjoy this intense tasting herring.

Surstromming is fished in the Baltic Sea during the spring months of April and May. These fishes are then left for fermentation in wooden barrels filled with strong brine solution. The temperature is maintained between 15 and 20 degrees Celsius, which in turn lead to the formation of several pungent acids and gases that result in the intense taste of the fish.

Surstromming is finally canned in July and the fermentation process continues inside the can until it is opened. This causes a bulge in the can since gases and acids continue to raise the pressure inside the can. You should make it a point to open the can of Surstromming inside a water basin as well as make sure that the can is opened in an outdoor setting since the trapped aroma can overwhelm those that have a weak stomach.

This fermented herring is very strong and you can balance its intense flavor by enjoying it with thin bread in soft of crispy form. You can also add diced onions as well as sliced and boiled potatoes along with chives to create a Surstromming sandwich. This is the way this potent fish has been enjoyed on special occasions by the Swedes since several centuries.

In addition, you can also drink cold beer or milk with this pungent fish. You can try calling close friends and family to your home and try out this Swedish delicacy in your garden or backyard. You can be sure that each fish enthusiast that tries out Surstromming will have an extreme reaction of love or hate when he or she opens the can and takes the very first bite.

While Surstromming was mainly sold in supermarkets in Sweden, recent interest from several countries, including Japan have encouraged select online stores to offer this fish to global consumers. You too can order for this fermented sour herring from an online store that can dispatch the chosen cans to your country or city.

You can then select a special occasion just like the Swedes to share this intensely flavored fish with your loved ones who actually have a strong liking for fish as well as a strong stomach. You can be sure that Surstromming will be the center of discussion at any party or get-together where it is shared by serious fish enthusiasts.

Once you get past the strong aroma of Surstromming upon opening the can, you will be able to appreciate the acidic flavor of this fermented fish. The Japanese have already started ordering increasing quantities of this sour Baltic herring and other countries too are following suit. You too can just go online and opt for Surstromming, a fermented fish that is sure to challenge and thrill your culinary senses.