Order for Sweden’s Pungent Delicacy Surstromming from a Reliable Online Store

Order for Sweden’s Pungent Delicacy

Order for Sweden’s Pungent Delicacy Surstromming from a Reliable Online Store

Each country has a dish that can wow or shock food enthusiasts with its unique aroma and flavor. Fish enthusiasts around the globe now have a chance to try out Sweden’s most pungent delicacy Surstromming that can be easily ordered from a reliable online store.

Surstromming or sour Baltic herring as it is also known is herring that is caught from the Baltic Sea during April and May before they have a chance to spawn. The herring are then stored in wooden barrels in a very strong brine solution, which begins the fermentation process. This process releases acids and gases even as the strong brine solution is replaced with milder brine during the course of fermentation.

The sour herring are finally canned during the month of July. The canning process does not stop the process of fermentation and these fish continue to emit acids and gases in the can itself, which in turn causes the can to bulge outwards from the top and bottom. The pungent Surstromming is now ready for consumption.

Surstromming is easily available in most supermarkets spread all around Sweden. The fish emits a very strong aroma upon opening the can and has a highly acidic flavor that is either loved or hated by fish enthusiasts. It is anyway a good idea to open the can outdoors as well as immerse the can in a basin of water while opening it to disperse the strong aroma and allow the accumulated gases to escape from the can.

While Surstromming has been fermented and sold in Sweden since several decades, this intense smelling and tasting fish has attracted the nostrils and taste buds of fish enthusiasts all around the globe. Select online sites that have begun selling Surstromming have noticed a rise in inquiries and orders from several countries, especially from Japan. Japanese people do love their fish and are always on the lookout for new ways to enjoy eating different types of fishes sourced from different countries.

You too can browse through a select range of Surstromming from a reliable Swedish website that sells this Swedish delicacy. Just like the people of Sweden, you too can open cans of this fermented herring on a special occasion after inviting close friends and family. However, you should be aware that Surstromming is not for the faint hearted or those that only love mild fish.

This pungent fish is for genuine fish enthusiasts that want to get a truly unique experience by feasting on really intense fish. You can enjoy Surstromming with beer or cold milk and can certainly balance out that intense flavor by eating this fish with thin bread along with slices of boiled potatoes and diced onions. This is generally how fish lovers in Sweden eat Surstromming.

You too have a chance to order for Sweden’s pungent delicacy Surstromming provided you order for the same from a reliable online store. A Swedish website that has established itself selling a wide range of natural products can deliver your chosen Surstromming at your front door within just a few days of placing an online order. So, take the plunge and surprise your taste buds by ordering for Surstromming, and sharing this strong fish with your family and close friends.