Surstromming – A Swedish Fermented Fish to Electrify your Senses

Swedish Fermented Fish to Electrify your Senses

If you think that you have tasted all types of mild and strong fishes then you need to try Surstromming, a Swedish fermented fish that will certainly electrify your senses. This sour herring has been enjoyed by Swedes since several centuries and select online stores now allow you to experience this pungent fish in your own country.

Surstromming has been fished from the Baltic Sea in spring since the olden days by Swedish sailors that fermented the fish in wooden barrels. This technique is still followed and the herring are fermented in barrels that contain brine solution. The fermentation process results in the formation of strong acids and gases that ultimately provide a potent and acidic taste to the fish along with a very pungent aroma.

The fermented Baltic sour herring are canned during the month of July after fermenting for around 2 months. However, the fermentation process does not stop after canning and the resultant gases result in bulging of the cans from the top and bottom. These types of canned Surstromming were previously available mostly in supermarkets located in Sweden.

However, thanks to the long shelf life of this fermented fish, cans of Surstromming are now available on select online stores. Fish enthusiasts from all over the world that want their senses electrified by a really strong fish have shown a lot of interest in trying out this fermented delicacy from Sweden. People from Japan have especially flocked to online stores to order for Surstromming.

You too will require just a few clicks to select cans of Surstromming and make online payments for the same. The chosen Surstromming will reach your front door within a few days and will be ready to be shared with loved ones on a special occasion, just as they enjoy this fish in Sweden.

However, you must ensure that you share this pungent delicacy only with family and friends that have the ability to enjoy really strong-smelling and acidic-tasting fish. This fish is not for fish fans with a delicate palate. In fact, it is a good idea to open the can of Surstromming in your garden or backyard since the trapped gases can be quite strong in an indoor atmosphere.

Another good idea is to open the can inside a basin of water to reduce the pungency of the gases in the can. You can also reduce the strong flavor of this fermented fish by enjoying eating this fish just like the people of Sweden. For instance, you can make Surstromming sandwich by placing the herring between slices of thin bread.

You can also garnish your sandwich with other ingredients such as diced onions, boiled potatoes that are sliced, and chives. A can of chilled beer or a glass of cold milk also goes down well with a Surstromming sandwich. Over time you can try different ingredients to balance out the strong taste of this fermented fish. Just as the Swedes, you too can electrify your senses by taking a bite of Surstromming. It is very easy to order for this canned fish since you only need to go online and place your order at a reliable online store.