Try Swedish Surstromming to Excite your Taste Buds

Swedish Surstromming to Excite your Taste Buds

In case you are a fish enthusiast willing to try out potent varieties of fish, you must ensure that you allow your taste buds the excitement of trying out Surstromming. Also known as sour herring, surstromming is basically fermented herring produced in Sweden and sold in supermarkets all around Sweden. In fact, this potent fish is now exported around the globe due to increasing global demand.

Surstromming is caught during spring from the Baltic Sea and then left to ferment after removing the heads of the fishes. The fishes are stored in brine-filled wooden barrels and transferred from stronger brine solution to weaker brine solution over a period of two to three months. The fermented fish turns quite pungent as it ferments in a controlled temperature between 15 and 20 degrees Celsius.

After immersing the herring in brine and fermenting them between April and June, they are finally canned in July. The canning process continues for around 5 weeks although the fishes continue to ferment even inside the cans. This fermentation causes high pressure inside the cans and causes the cans to bulge out from the top and bottom.

The cans are then dispatched to supermarkets all around Sweden although countries such as Japan, among others have shown keen interest in Swedish Surstrommings. A few online stores have begun offering this acquired delicacy to Japanese fish enthusiasts as well as others around the globe.

You too can easily order surstromming from a reliable online store and can share this sour herring with close friends and family. The issue of high pressure in the cans can be offset by opening the can in a water basin filled with water. You should also make sure that you open the cans in an outdoor setting since the initial pungent aroma can unnerve faint-hearted fish enthusiasts.

Surstromming is usually enjoyed with Swedish thin bread that can be crispy or soft depending on your own taste buds. The canned herring is spread out on the bread along with cheese or butter as well as sliced or mashed potatoes, diced onions, and chives. In addition, you can wash down this strong fish with beer, malt, or even cold milk.

Surstromming is definitely an acquired taste since you need to get past the pungent odor to actually experience the acidic taste of the fish. Other ingredients such as potatoes and onions will help balance out the powerful flavor with sweetness. You and your palate must be ready to experience some intense flavors and serious fish enthusiasts usually fall in love with this strong herring with the very first bite.

Fish lovers around the globe too have begun to appreciate the strong flavor of surstromming from Sweden. Online stores have begun witnessing increased inquiries and orders for this pungent fish. Swedish people relish this fish on special occasions and you too can do the same by calling over friends and family to your home before serving surstromming to those that appreciate intense flavors in fish.

If you wish to take your taste buds on a gastronomic adventure then you must definitely try Swedish Surstromming to excite your taste buds. You can visit a reputable online store of Sweden to order genuine surstromming and enjoy this delicacy whenever you are in the mood for strongly flavored fish.